Be part of the self-storage craze!

January 06th 2014
Storage Auctions have become a craze in North America with numerous TV Reality shows building up to the excitement such as OLN’s Canadian spin off to A&E’s hit reality show Storage Wars

Storage Wars: Canada, follows a group of bidders in search for the next big treasure by buying storage units at auctions held by self storage companies.  

These auctions give people the opportunity to bid on units that may contain exciting finds that are potentially valued at more than what was paid for the locker itself.

Many people choose to keep the item or get it appraised or sell it and turn a quick profit.
The great thing about technology is that auctioneers and bidders no longer need to physically meet at a location to bid on units. 

With the advent of iBid4Storage, self storage companies can now set up auctions online and to a much wider audience of interested bidders and these bidders can also explore a wider selection of units open for bidding across Canada.

Buy or Sell a Storage Unit Online

Our website iBid4Storage is the meeting place for buyers and sellers of storage units where anyone can register and take part in the auctions at any time in the comfort of their own homes. 
The process of creating an account on iBid4Storage is easy.

Simply registering with a valid email address and phone number will allow you to become one of the bidders on units. 

We will not require you to provide a credit card for any payments, we simply match you with the self-storage company and in the event an auction is won, the bidder simply arranges payment with the seller directly. 

This system results in transparency and ease of use, and allows anyone to become a star, bidding on units and potentially finding hidden treasure.
When looking to bid on auction units for sale or listing your delinquent accounts online, visit our website daily as there are always new opportunities to make money and be a part of the growing storage auction craze!