Convenience is Key

January 25th 2014
A large segment of the North American economy comprises of service-based companies committed to providing convenience for customers and improving customer satisfaction. 

Having a firm belief in this principle, iBid4Storage has built a business around this ideology as it facilitates deals between bidders and sellers of abandoned storage units.

In the past, bidders of storage auctions had to travel on-site to the location of a locker up for auction and were only allowed a brief view of the unit, without being permitted to conduct a thorough examination before placing a bid.

Today this dynamic has changed as customers can now view storage unit auctions from the comfort of their own homes by visiting our website.

Bid for a Storage Unit Online at Home

There is no travel time involved, no fuel cost to worry about and no urgency in placing a bid.

Our company, iBid4Storage, has fostered successful business relationships with storage companies and our numbers continue to grow every month. 

The internet world has access to these delinquent lockers being auctioned and registered members have the ability to bid on the contents of each locker.

These storage companies benefit from the arrangement because of their need to remove the contents of non-paying accounts and make room for new ones.

For every month a client neglects to pay their storage fees, the storage company incurs a loss and without an online storage auction service, these companies would require additional staff and capital to remove the discarded contents of these void accounts.

Storage companies also benefit by potentially making a profit from this service or recover part of their losses. 

Past auctions on iBid4Storage have closed as high as $2,700! 

By bringing bidders and sellers together, iBid4Storage creates two profit centers, a win-win situation. 

The success of this convenience can be seen by the growing number of leading storage companies signing up on the site including Access Storage, Sentinel Storage, Depotium, Storage Spot, and All Canadian Self-Storage.

More Locations in Canada

Currently, iBid4Storage is expanding its online storage auctions in Canada to Nova Scotia, Winnipeg and Manitoba.

The advent of this system is not only facilitating convenience but also creating a new generation of auction hunters that have access to a plethora of knowledge contained on iBid4Storage.

On our website, there is a growing archive of past winning bids, an invaluable resource that gives new auction hunters a foundation for cultivating their own strategies by understanding how much they should bid relative to the size and visible contents of each locker.

When auctions close from as low as $10 and as high as $2,700, bidding can be daunting, especially to a novice auction hunter.

However, this database allows even the more experienced bidders to gain crucial knowledge.

The growing number of new members (bidders) registering every month indicates a positive response to the ease and convenience of online storage auctions.

The past year, the number of bidders on iBid4Storage has increased exponentially month of month .

The numbers speak for themselves demonstrating that - Convenience truly is Key.