How to become a successful storage hunter

January 14th 2014

Possibly the savviest amongst us are storage auction hunters that win over storage units and then sell the contents to the public for a profit. The term treasure hunter is an appropriate one when describing these entrepreneurs because much like the traditional treasure hunter, they must first conduct research as to what valuables may be found and accept uncertainty in what will be unearthed. The risk element however, is greatly reduced when it comes to bidding on storage auctions through the internet because with online storage auction companies like, you will always find a variety of sellable goods in every locker that is up for auction. The consensus among many storage auction hunters is that although there may be some items found in auctioned lockers that may be of little value, people generally don’t pay a storage company money to store their unwanted possessions. The real question is: how much value might be derived from a winning storage unit and what are the chances that a true “gem” is found. The element of uncertainty, surprise and the allure of a rare find are what draw treasure hunters to online storage auctions such as the ones hosted on In order to be successful at turning a profit, there requires a certain skill set and knowledge base.

To become a good treasure hunter, a bidder new to Canadian storage auctions usually will be patient and observe, before making an initial bid. One should get a feel for the bidding process and closely follow as many individual storage units being auctioned and their corresponding bids relative to the size of the locker and its contents. Although in most cases, the individual contents of each locker aren’t listed, ibid4storage is very thorough in providing a series of pictures of every storage unit being auctioned. These photos provide a comprehensive depiction of the inside of the locker as they are taken from multiple angles, giving the bidder an idea of what’s inside. When making an actual offer our adventurous treasure hunter must stay within an established budget and just to be safe, assume that every bid might be a winner. He should also not over extend himself in terms of the amount of potential products he will have to sell.

After the treasure hunter has unearthed his bounty, he must develop a keen sense of the resale value of his products and a means by which to sell them. Today, this is easier than ever with the existence of a variety of online marketplaces. Though a keen business sense is still required to be able to properly price an item and be willing to lower that price if the item doesn’t sell. In the end, almost any item found in a deal made through ibid4storage can be sold to the right buyer. It simply requires time, effort and patience on the part of the procurer and to not be afraid to take a loss every once in a while as this is the nature of the business of treasure hunters. is a Toronto based online storage auction website that hosts online storage auctions across Canada.